About Me

Hello All,

My name is Birjis, I am a Pro Make Up Artist studying Multimedia & Graphic design. I am married with two beautiful children and blessed with amazing Family & Friends (Masha Allah) Living life to the fullest despite of hectic schedules and so many things on my plate, I am happy with that (Alhumdulillah)

I felt into photography when I was 8 years old, and ever since then I try to click beautiful moments in my life. My passion with skin care and makeup grew as I was transitioning into my twenties. And since then I am hooked on makeup, skincare and gadgets. I am always in quest of amazing skincare products , makeup, new trends and fashion.

My husband says I can be a good research analyst as I put so much time looking for best in everything, like that amazing second to skin foundation, hair tools, that best fitting blazer with those face framing sunglasses and that perfect red lippie! I am very obsessive when it comes to style and makeup. When I do makeup on clients I make sure they look not just Perfect but feel beautiful inside and out.

I started blogging due to my inner verve of creativity in things I see, and my immense love for beauty and skincare. How would I not share with you, all that I have discovered and adored. My crazy yet beautiful obsession of makeup led me dive into MakeUp Artistry. Since childhood I was keen in paintings, drawings and anything artistic. Makeup is very similar to painting. Each face is like canvas with different dimensions and curves. I never tried change any face with makeup, I always tell my clients everyone is beautiful in their own way makeup just adds that glow to illuminate your personality even more. Its like treating a cloth with a spot, you just try to erase the spot so it looks neat and clean. similarly makeup is only to polish you and give a push of little more confidence. I always ask my clients what they want because after all they are the owner of the canvas and I am just an artist, I have to make sure they are comfortable with what I do.  I just love my job! its the most creative field besides web designing and photography.

I hope I did good introducing my self . I promise to bring you the best of everything with of course "A verve of Creativeness"

With lots of  Love & Care

GoodLuck xoxo