Monday, August 31, 2015


Hello my Peeps

With so many options of translucent and setting powders from every popular and not so popular makeup brands. Its time consuming and nerve wracking to make a decision when it comes to purchasing the best setting powder. You go in the mall or any makeup store and stand their like a zombie lurking at every makeup product they have, and want everything in your basket. But honey its about money :) so instead of wasting your money and putting everything in your basket do your homework before purchasing read my blog ;-) just kidding. Read reviews about the product they recommend you at the store. Ask them questions after all it's their job to make you knowledge full of the product you will be using. 

Nars is an amazing makeup brand and one of my favorite. If you ask me how many translucent powders I have well, I am a Makeup Artist so I have to have it all. Haha! Not really I do have more than one but I keep the quality products after all clients trust me and I can never let them down. 

I have used Nars translucent powder lot of times I wanted to do that before I put it on my blog to give an honest opinion. They have two versions of it one is loose and one is pressed. I liked both but, I like the loose setting powder more than the pressed. I know some people don't like its messy and flies all over but for some reason they have are tad diffirent, the pressed version has a bit of shimmer in it. I like the press one for on the go and when you are traveling. 

It is a setting powder, it looks opaque white but when you apply it with a brush it disappears on the skin making it looking airbrushed and photo friendly. With the pressed one you really can't see what you are getting on brush you have to swipe brush like 3 times in the pan and you have to use a nice dense brush. I use it with mac 187, elf powder brush and makeupforever powder brush. These are my 3 favorite brushes to use with the pressed version.

I like this powder a lot. You have to get used to it you may use it too much and it may look chalky but it will settle down with time. You just need to sweep across your face once. And make sure your foundation sets I mean it's not dewy other wise it will clink to the spots. You are not supposed to use any setting powder before your foundation dries. Unless you are using a powder or Gell foundation. You can use this powder directly on well moisturized skin if you are not a heavy makeup wearer and want to keep it short, and if you have a really good skin :) just sweep across your face and it will give you a flawless face look. 

Anyway I don't want to make this too long and the bottom line is yes this powder is worth to spend your money :) and I totally recommend it. 

I hope you enjoyed reading my brief note on Nars translucent pressed powder. I will come back with more tips and review only at your favorite blog <3 Until You read again

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