Monday, May 18, 2015





Hello summer!

 ......And with summer comes scorching heat which not just make you hot and sweaty, but melt your makeup, and basically everything else underneath ;p
So for summer you have to have a bullet proof…oh I mean sun proof makeup. What should summer proof makeup consist of? Definitely have higher SPF (SUN PROTECTION FACTOR) ideally 20spf and maximum 50 PA (Photo-Aging) ++

Not all products in the market will mention PA++ factor but this is just a general rule to follow a good sunscreen protection.
Enough talk about sunscreen ;p now lets talk about the main reason why I am doing this post. As you all know mac is susceptible of releasing product every month!! Seriously they are like AVON introducing every now and then and leave us with a huge hole in our pockets …el oh el

I recently happen to try their new launch in pro long wear family. The nourishing pro long wear 16 hour foundation, which retails for 32 US dollars.
Mac Cosmetics are claiming the foundation to be water proof up to 16 hours of wear and neither rain nor tears can budge the foundation! It can be used as a concealer or foundation alone according to “MAC Cosmetics”

Unlike any other mac foundation this doesn’t come with a wide variety of shade range but decent enough for every skin tone. Mac cosmetics are known for their color range and tone selection. I got myself NC42 in this foundation. I am actually NC40 to 42 in MAC foundations. Their color range is different for each foundation. As a makeup artist I always end up mixing 2 to 3 shades and then use it on my self or client.  So with this one I was in between NC40 & NC42. This does oxidizes so keep in mind to go a shade lighter. 
I always tell my clients to go a shade lighter if they are Tan to Dark complexion.  Even if you are Fair to medium and you go same shade as your skin tone after a while it does changes color due to body heat and outer air exposer. Unless your body is tanned and it matches with your neck. Other wise it doesn’t look good if your face is darker then rest of your body….ehhhhh.

Besides a brighter complexion will always give you a more awake and youthful look ;-) so I always tell my clients to go a shade lighter not too much. Or to make sure the foundation doesn’t oxidize if they are getting the same exact shade as their skin tone. That said this new MAC foundation does oxidize and thus test out your self, which color perfectly matches you. Ask the sales associated to provide you with 2 different samples so you could try and see which fits best.  

I did wear this foundation couple of times and even wore to my Mac Cosmetics Master Class, I got a huge compliment from the master artist saying my makeup looked flawless and so on point!! I always get compliments for my makeup but coming from a master artist is a whole new feeling <3

This foundation lives up to it claims and I wore that day in NYC it was 80F it didn’t melt! it didn’t move! I didn’t powder it. Aaaaaahhhh it was just flawless. One thing with this foundation you don’t have to set it heavy with powder. You can lightly dust your setting powder but don’t use any other powder foundation with this one because it does dry to a matt finish so if you powder it more your skin will look dry. I did sweat from all the walking to my class back to subway and home I did wear it the entire day roughly 12 hours. It was intact when I reached home it didn’t move at all. I did conceal some parts of my face like my acne marks and hyperpigmentation and then used this foundation on top. This foundation is truly amazing and a must for summer!!!

This will be my go to foundation for all the beach and outdoor parties and I may end up using it on my brides if they say yes gladly!! of course who doesn’t want 16 hour wear foundation????? Specially for hot summer days which will keep your makeup smudge proof budge proof and sweat proof :)
I am really enjoying this foundation so far the best for strong staying power.  Decent in pricing  at 32 US$, with lasting power and little bit goes a long way! Give it a try you have nothing to loose, only to gain a beautiful summer skin!

Hope you enjoyed my post! will see you soon with the next one. 
Until you read again.

Take Care & Good Luck............xoxo