Saturday, May 30, 2015

Chanel Rouge Allure Gloss



I have always been addicting to this brand ever since my teen years. There is something chic and glamorous about this brand something very feminine. Being a tomboy all my child hood its hard to digest to picture my self so feminine so chic. But these brands always made me feel like I want to grow into women and own everything it has to offer. Too bad I can’t be too greedy with all the price tags this brand has to offer. But I do own few of my favorites from Chanel…that is bag, sunglasses, and jewelry and of course makeup! Duh!

Enough of Chanel now lets get to the point. Spending on high-end makeup has its perk. They are long lasting and very well matched to the description. Plus they make you feel a bit extra ordinary ;-p just kidding! We are all that without any brand tags :)

I am not at all a gloss person. I have always been matt pretty much as long as I remember I started using makeup. I do love using gloss on my brides and clients but not on my self. I have pretty decent lips and I feel like if I use gloss it makes them poutier so that’s the reason I avoid using lip-gloss. But gradually as I started to work as Makeup artist I was tempted to use one, plus it photographs beautiful. Chanel makes amazing glosses. Chanel gloss was my first ever! I liked how it made my lips look. Not too over pouty not too sticky! Just the right amount of gloss and color perfecto! When they came out with this gloss last year I was so tempted to buy. I wanted to buy all of them!!! But yeah I would not break my bank ;p so I decided to go with my two favorite shades!
They both are gorgeous and wearable for day-to-day and day to night. You can even mix them to create a different third shade.
They are not at all sticky and moisturize your lips so well and you don’t need a balm. It does last long and when it fades it leaves a pretty tint on your lips. They are pigmented but not as lipstick. This is what Chanel website says about the product:

The color intensity of a lipstick. The lacquered shine of a lipgloss. With one seductive CLICK, the sculpted applicator delivers high-precision, long-wearing coverage. The advanced formula, rich in Vitamin E, Sappan Wood and GREEN TEA BUTTER instantly hydrates and comforts lips.

I love this gloss very much and I nothing negative to say about not to mention how it opens with just one click! And the packaging is so amazing that you don’t ever want to throw it away even when it empties.

I hope you enjoyed my little sweet review about Chanel Rouge Allure lipgloss. I will be coming soon with more reviews and I will be doing reviews about products from different parts of the world since my blog is view worldwide more than hundreds of times through out the day. I am so thankful to Allah and of course you all for making my blog so popular in such a short amount of time. ALhumdulillah <3
I promise you all that no matter how I am receiving the product be it with my own money or sent to me for review I will always give you my true opinion what I feel about the product. And know that everything works different for each individual.

I thank you all once again!! Until you read again…
Take Care & Good Luck!

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