Friday, May 1, 2015


I always felt like kitchen was never a place for me. I didn’t like cooking but over the period of time I have grown interest in cooking for obvious reasons. For my hubby and family, he loves to indulge in cultural food even though he isn’t fussy about eating. But like a good wife I have to perform my duties ;-p
So that is my brief story about love and hate relationship with kitchen. You know me…I have to explore ingredients, which are beneficial when consuming by mouth but also by skin as well. So like I said over the period of time I have always notice these changes.

 RICE BEAUTY: - DON’T THROW YOUR RICE WATER:I know it sounds crazy but when you wash your rice not the first wash but after you rinse them second time let the water sit, and then store in a cup or as much as you need in a bowl. You can use it chilled or room temperature. What I notice as I frequently washed my hands with rice water was they seemed so moisturized, soft and even toned. And you know the rest.
I had to dig what makes rice so special, to my knowledge it turns out that rice has many good properties and two of my favorite are of course Anti aging and Skin Brightening. Also a  really good natural exfoliator, plus it's even good for your HAIR. That just struck me …oh my goodness! And I thought to my self no wonder the Japanese are so fond of rice and they use it pretty much in their every beauty product! And Guess what?? they have pretty Hair&SKin.  So coming to conclusion I started washing my face as well and seriously I did see a change in my skin tone NO JOKE!         And I don’t even use it that much.Rice is easy available in your kitchen and if you don’t have it, that’s ok  you can find it in any grocery store. 

BAKING SODA: - I am sure you already know about this tip, no am not talking about teeth whitening. Baking soda is also a very good skin exfoliator. But you have to use it very minimal because it can make you sensitive if you over use it. You can take baking soda and add some All Purpose Flour and some milk. Now you can either wash your face with this or leave it as a mask for 5 to 10 minutes depending upon your skin sensitivity. This paste is a great skin brightener and works wonder! You have it try to believe it :) and it is cheap and easy. 

SUGAR SUGAR BEAUTY: - yaaaasss this is an indeed a magical ingredient not just its sweet but it has so many properties if used topical. No wonder so many scrubs and exfoliators have sugar in them. Sugar is known for softening skin, it also balances oil production as well as removes toxins from your skin, which in long run slows down the aging process thus its ANTI-AGING ;) what else you could ask for!!
I make my own sugar scrubs. I will share with you some of my homemade remedies. It’s definitely my staple product in my beauty regimen. Use it as a lip scrub, body scrub for face I generally grind the raw sugar into paste and use it because I only use raw sugar, if I use that directly it can cause microscopic tears in my skin. So yeah never use sugar granules directly on your face but you can use it anywhere else :) 

I hope you like these wonderful tips. I will be sharing more with you guys. Since its month of May, I will be doing a special Mother’s Day segment. But I think every day is mother’s day <3 

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Good Luck ……xoxo Birjis