Saturday, May 30, 2015

Chanel Rouge Allure Gloss



I have always been addicting to this brand ever since my teen years. There is something chic and glamorous about this brand something very feminine. Being a tomboy all my child hood its hard to digest to picture my self so feminine so chic. But these brands always made me feel like I want to grow into women and own everything it has to offer. Too bad I can’t be too greedy with all the price tags this brand has to offer. But I do own few of my favorites from Chanel…that is bag, sunglasses, and jewelry and of course makeup! Duh!

Enough of Chanel now lets get to the point. Spending on high-end makeup has its perk. They are long lasting and very well matched to the description. Plus they make you feel a bit extra ordinary ;-p just kidding! We are all that without any brand tags :)

I am not at all a gloss person. I have always been matt pretty much as long as I remember I started using makeup. I do love using gloss on my brides and clients but not on my self. I have pretty decent lips and I feel like if I use gloss it makes them poutier so that’s the reason I avoid using lip-gloss. But gradually as I started to work as Makeup artist I was tempted to use one, plus it photographs beautiful. Chanel makes amazing glosses. Chanel gloss was my first ever! I liked how it made my lips look. Not too over pouty not too sticky! Just the right amount of gloss and color perfecto! When they came out with this gloss last year I was so tempted to buy. I wanted to buy all of them!!! But yeah I would not break my bank ;p so I decided to go with my two favorite shades!
They both are gorgeous and wearable for day-to-day and day to night. You can even mix them to create a different third shade.
They are not at all sticky and moisturize your lips so well and you don’t need a balm. It does last long and when it fades it leaves a pretty tint on your lips. They are pigmented but not as lipstick. This is what Chanel website says about the product:

The color intensity of a lipstick. The lacquered shine of a lipgloss. With one seductive CLICK, the sculpted applicator delivers high-precision, long-wearing coverage. The advanced formula, rich in Vitamin E, Sappan Wood and GREEN TEA BUTTER instantly hydrates and comforts lips.

I love this gloss very much and I nothing negative to say about not to mention how it opens with just one click! And the packaging is so amazing that you don’t ever want to throw it away even when it empties.

I hope you enjoyed my little sweet review about Chanel Rouge Allure lipgloss. I will be coming soon with more reviews and I will be doing reviews about products from different parts of the world since my blog is view worldwide more than hundreds of times through out the day. I am so thankful to Allah and of course you all for making my blog so popular in such a short amount of time. ALhumdulillah <3
I promise you all that no matter how I am receiving the product be it with my own money or sent to me for review I will always give you my true opinion what I feel about the product. And know that everything works different for each individual.

I thank you all once again!! Until you read again…
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Monday, May 18, 2015





Hello summer!

 ......And with summer comes scorching heat which not just make you hot and sweaty, but melt your makeup, and basically everything else underneath ;p
So for summer you have to have a bullet proof…oh I mean sun proof makeup. What should summer proof makeup consist of? Definitely have higher SPF (SUN PROTECTION FACTOR) ideally 20spf and maximum 50 PA (Photo-Aging) ++

Not all products in the market will mention PA++ factor but this is just a general rule to follow a good sunscreen protection.
Enough talk about sunscreen ;p now lets talk about the main reason why I am doing this post. As you all know mac is susceptible of releasing product every month!! Seriously they are like AVON introducing every now and then and leave us with a huge hole in our pockets …el oh el

I recently happen to try their new launch in pro long wear family. The nourishing pro long wear 16 hour foundation, which retails for 32 US dollars.
Mac Cosmetics are claiming the foundation to be water proof up to 16 hours of wear and neither rain nor tears can budge the foundation! It can be used as a concealer or foundation alone according to “MAC Cosmetics”

Unlike any other mac foundation this doesn’t come with a wide variety of shade range but decent enough for every skin tone. Mac cosmetics are known for their color range and tone selection. I got myself NC42 in this foundation. I am actually NC40 to 42 in MAC foundations. Their color range is different for each foundation. As a makeup artist I always end up mixing 2 to 3 shades and then use it on my self or client.  So with this one I was in between NC40 & NC42. This does oxidizes so keep in mind to go a shade lighter. 
I always tell my clients to go a shade lighter if they are Tan to Dark complexion.  Even if you are Fair to medium and you go same shade as your skin tone after a while it does changes color due to body heat and outer air exposer. Unless your body is tanned and it matches with your neck. Other wise it doesn’t look good if your face is darker then rest of your body….ehhhhh.

Besides a brighter complexion will always give you a more awake and youthful look ;-) so I always tell my clients to go a shade lighter not too much. Or to make sure the foundation doesn’t oxidize if they are getting the same exact shade as their skin tone. That said this new MAC foundation does oxidize and thus test out your self, which color perfectly matches you. Ask the sales associated to provide you with 2 different samples so you could try and see which fits best.  

I did wear this foundation couple of times and even wore to my Mac Cosmetics Master Class, I got a huge compliment from the master artist saying my makeup looked flawless and so on point!! I always get compliments for my makeup but coming from a master artist is a whole new feeling <3

This foundation lives up to it claims and I wore that day in NYC it was 80F it didn’t melt! it didn’t move! I didn’t powder it. Aaaaaahhhh it was just flawless. One thing with this foundation you don’t have to set it heavy with powder. You can lightly dust your setting powder but don’t use any other powder foundation with this one because it does dry to a matt finish so if you powder it more your skin will look dry. I did sweat from all the walking to my class back to subway and home I did wear it the entire day roughly 12 hours. It was intact when I reached home it didn’t move at all. I did conceal some parts of my face like my acne marks and hyperpigmentation and then used this foundation on top. This foundation is truly amazing and a must for summer!!!

This will be my go to foundation for all the beach and outdoor parties and I may end up using it on my brides if they say yes gladly!! of course who doesn’t want 16 hour wear foundation????? Specially for hot summer days which will keep your makeup smudge proof budge proof and sweat proof :)
I am really enjoying this foundation so far the best for strong staying power.  Decent in pricing  at 32 US$, with lasting power and little bit goes a long way! Give it a try you have nothing to loose, only to gain a beautiful summer skin!

Hope you enjoyed my post! will see you soon with the next one. 
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Friday, May 1, 2015


I always felt like kitchen was never a place for me. I didn’t like cooking but over the period of time I have grown interest in cooking for obvious reasons. For my hubby and family, he loves to indulge in cultural food even though he isn’t fussy about eating. But like a good wife I have to perform my duties ;-p
So that is my brief story about love and hate relationship with kitchen. You know me…I have to explore ingredients, which are beneficial when consuming by mouth but also by skin as well. So like I said over the period of time I have always notice these changes.

 RICE BEAUTY: - DON’T THROW YOUR RICE WATER:I know it sounds crazy but when you wash your rice not the first wash but after you rinse them second time let the water sit, and then store in a cup or as much as you need in a bowl. You can use it chilled or room temperature. What I notice as I frequently washed my hands with rice water was they seemed so moisturized, soft and even toned. And you know the rest.
I had to dig what makes rice so special, to my knowledge it turns out that rice has many good properties and two of my favorite are of course Anti aging and Skin Brightening. Also a  really good natural exfoliator, plus it's even good for your HAIR. That just struck me …oh my goodness! And I thought to my self no wonder the Japanese are so fond of rice and they use it pretty much in their every beauty product! And Guess what?? they have pretty Hair&SKin.  So coming to conclusion I started washing my face as well and seriously I did see a change in my skin tone NO JOKE!         And I don’t even use it that much.Rice is easy available in your kitchen and if you don’t have it, that’s ok  you can find it in any grocery store. 

BAKING SODA: - I am sure you already know about this tip, no am not talking about teeth whitening. Baking soda is also a very good skin exfoliator. But you have to use it very minimal because it can make you sensitive if you over use it. You can take baking soda and add some All Purpose Flour and some milk. Now you can either wash your face with this or leave it as a mask for 5 to 10 minutes depending upon your skin sensitivity. This paste is a great skin brightener and works wonder! You have it try to believe it :) and it is cheap and easy. 

SUGAR SUGAR BEAUTY: - yaaaasss this is an indeed a magical ingredient not just its sweet but it has so many properties if used topical. No wonder so many scrubs and exfoliators have sugar in them. Sugar is known for softening skin, it also balances oil production as well as removes toxins from your skin, which in long run slows down the aging process thus its ANTI-AGING ;) what else you could ask for!!
I make my own sugar scrubs. I will share with you some of my homemade remedies. It’s definitely my staple product in my beauty regimen. Use it as a lip scrub, body scrub for face I generally grind the raw sugar into paste and use it because I only use raw sugar, if I use that directly it can cause microscopic tears in my skin. So yeah never use sugar granules directly on your face but you can use it anywhere else :) 

I hope you like these wonderful tips. I will be sharing more with you guys. Since its month of May, I will be doing a special Mother’s Day segment. But I think every day is mother’s day <3 

Until you read again
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Good Luck ……xoxo Birjis