Monday, April 13, 2015


 I can never get over with my eyeliner obsession ;p Be it gel, pencil pen or in any form. I have to have every eyeliner in my kit in my makeup bag, from all over the world.
My crazy obsession has definitely brought me to the blackest and best'est eyeliners. Yes until some one breaks the blackness and the perfect tip of my top 5 eyeliners ;-p

I will not mention my entire top favorite here but one of them from my list is MAC COSMETICS PEN ULTIMATE eyeliner.As MAC describes it on there website: - It provides the ultimate precise bold line in rich deep carbon black shade. Goes on fluidly in one steady stroke. And I am happy to say that YES! YES!  it is the blackest and very easy to work with. The tip is definitely very precise. I love this liner more than my KAT VON D liner, which I reviewed previously. If you want to check that review please click here(KAT VON D) 

The things I always look for the ULTIMATE BLACK eyeliner-----Should be the blackest of all (obvio) 

--Waterproof but without giving the shiny leathery look upon drying.

---Easy to glide

---Long lasting So far this eyeliner, it did go beyond my expectations and I love! love! love! it.It is definitely very black, waterproof I don’t know but it does stay longer and doesn’t move so technically yes. And very easy to use, very beginner friendly I must say. I will soon be doing a review and hopefully a video on tips for eyeliner beginners.
 I hope you enjoyed my post. I will be seeing you soon with my next post…of course the Real Technique brush review <3 Take care & Good Luck.