Monday, April 6, 2015



One thing I am least bothered about are my “NAILS”

I never tried to perfect my nail no matter where I am going what I am doing. Yes Of course I want to keep them well groomed but I am not so Cray Cray about nail enamels paints and polishes. I don’t know if you guys have noticed that yet but in my blog pictures and even in my videos I hardly wear any nail color. 

 So that said I was shopping at kohl’s and I saw this pretty ESSIE stand where they had really pretty pastel nail colors on display. I don’t know why but I was tempted to try them on and upon one application I was like “ hmmm I love this color just one coat and I am done :-) I just loved that color and opacity of it. So yeah I end up buying 2 of my first ESSIE nail colors.

 Yes, Yes, I know I am a MUA a Blogger Photographer and of course a Web Artist. But how come I never purchased nail colors? I did actually mostly I have like AVON, SALLY HANSEN and some other random brands. ESSIE is known to be a Higher end in nail colors. So this is my first ever Higher end Nail Polish ;)

 Over all I love the colors I bought which are BLOSSOM DANDY and LILACISM. Pastel colors are trendy these days, so why not follow some nail trend.  This was my very short and sweet little review of my first ever Essie purchase which I am loving and I hope you guys enjoyed it.

 I will be reviewing Real Technique brushes next so keep an eye and comment below if you want to me to do any specific product review. I have lot to share for this month :-)
 Until you read again,
 Take Care and Good Luck