Tuesday, March 10, 2015



I was shopping for skincare online and suddenly my eyes went on this product, which had 5 star rating! Yes FIVE STARS!Not just on one website but 3 other websites. I looked just to make sure if it was hyped on the website I saw it for the first time.

Ladies were raving about it older and younger. Wouldn’t lie but I was so drawn to it that I couldn’t help but get my hands on it. And yes I got my hands on it ;) I had to! So that I could review it for all you wonderful people :p
So what’s my verdict after using it? Hmmmm I wish I knew about this product before. But least I got to try it.
The funny thing is when I told my mom about this cream she was so calm and she laughed a little saying ‘this is what I used when I was your age. I was like what??? Really and you never told me about this product ;(

This claims to be all in one, like the Jar describes as follows:“Deep cleanse your skin to remove makeup and dirt and provides a radiant dewy base for makeup. Also softens and moisturizes to help smooth skin and fight dryness”Directions For Use: Smooth generously over your face and throat. Remove with a tissue or leave overnight.
I did use it few days before I could throw a review for you all. I used it at night to remove my makeup as well as during the day under my makeup. I used very little, since its so heavy I didn’t wanted to look like grease pan. I mixed it with my SPF and the results were amazing! I will be posting pictures here with this blog and also on my INSTAGRAM. If possible will be doing a video tutorial just for you guys J
So my final thought about this product is, yes it’s amazing and now I know why it was rated 5 stars. For all you oily to combo skin peeps, be careful with how much product you are using as I stated its very moisturizing.

Hope My review was helpful and you guys enjoyed it. Will see you soon with my nest post IA
Until then
Take Care & Good Luck.