Friday, October 31, 2014


My recent purchase was my MAC ZUCA bag
which I bought from the pro store in NY. I was
contemplating a lot before I made this purchase.  Because of its steep price tag.

Let me tell you it's worth every penny and a long term investment! Seriously I packed like almost half of my makeup and I still had room for more! Can you belief that? Yes! It is that spacious. Other best part is how it packs. Instead of just throwing everything in there, they have clear pouches which comes with the bag and you can purchase more if you want, which in my case I am content with pouches it came with. You can separate your makeup, for instance eyes,face,lips and etc. It has so many pockets and mesh dividers you can store away in every corner of this bag!

I was confused between stillazi and zuca and decided to go with mac zuca. Lot of people think Mac zuca is little pricy than the regular zuca. But to be honest upon my
calculation the difference is of only 15 to 20 dollars more.
Yes! It's only that more expensive. How? If you get a regular zuca with 4 clear pouches and
seat cover it is 295 to 285 and with out a seat cover its
around 230 to 240 I believe. Some people might think it's
not necessary to have a seat cover, but I think it's as
much important because if you store your essentials in
side mesh pockets and put a seat cover on it, it guards
your stuff. Some zuca have zipper instead of mesh
hence need of seat cover might not be necessary,but they
are also in the same price range which is 290ish.
So all in all I think yes
you are paying a little more for brand 'MAC' but it's not
like a huge difference! Only about 20 to 15 dollars which
according to me is worth to pay for the sake of MAC :)

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