Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Oh so Famous BEN NYE Banana Powder

Hi All, 

If you regularly read my post you might know by this time that I am a huge beauty and skincare junkie! And love to try out every other product in the market so that I can have my own verdict about it. My trip to IMATS Pro event was really worthy! Besides getting lot of goodies, shopping & of course meeting the owners of the brands.  I finally picked up ‘banana powder’, which I was longing to use, and got my hands on it. Yes I know I got to experience it really late.

Any ways, heard so many good reviews and youtubers hauling on it going crazy and what not. It is a lovely product but some how, please don’t think am crazy. But it didn’t “WOW” me. I mean I like it, but I don’t love it. I don’t know if I made my point clear to you all.

 It’s a good setting powder especially under eye; also it works well on dark to medium tan skin tones as a subtle matt highlighter. But for fair skin it works ok. They do have other lighter shades to go for lighter skin tones, YAY! I do like using it as a setting powder under eyes, besides that I would use it as a highlighter on darker skin tones. May be I need time to fall in love with this product. But nonetheless this product is amazing and you should try if you want to! You wont regret it.   

This powder is finely milled hence gives a beautiful soft matte finish to skin, without settling in fine lines and pores and that is a one great plus for me, as a MAKE UP ARTIST. Photographs well too! My only concern is if you over do it, it can look caky and dry. So use it a little and it goes a long way.

There are tons of ways to use it. The best way I found is using with a large fluffy brush for the face and smaller brush for under eyes area. You can use a beauty blender and powder puff, but if you have a mature skin I would avoid that. As I mentioned earlier it does gives a caky appearance if applied too much. I would do a detail post on few of my favorite ways of using it.  I hope you have enjoyed my brief yet explanatory post about BEN NYE BANANA POWDER.  Keep an eye on my next post, as I will be sharing some beauty secret ;) Until you read again,
Take Care and Good Luck. 

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