Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Sun Summer & Skin

 Bye Bye winter! Hello summer! We have officially welcomed summer here in east coast, as much as we are happy to see the bright sunny days the scorching heat is not always a must have. My mom always say, prevention is better than cure. So dear readers I will share very few simple tips with you from which you will benefit every ray of each sunny day J

 Tip Number One:-SUNSCREEN: There is a reason behind why it’s called “sunscreen” its obvious right? The name says it all, it has a protective screen which help you fight the damaging effect of Sun’s UV rays.  Sunlight is important but there is a time to get your self exposed, its commonly known between sunrise to 9am is a safe zone and in evening from 5pm to sunset. This time is specific in summer depending on where you live.Sunscreen protects you from lot of other factors, most important is skin cancer, Yes too much of anything is harmful. Too much sun exposure causes premature wrinkles, skin dehydration and skin cancer. We often leave our babies and kids thinking they are too young for sunscreen, but it’s a myth. It is as much important, rather more important than adults.

 Tip Number Two:-Water: with summer we all love to indulge our self with water, beaches, lakes, rivers and all the other water activities. But do we get enough H2O? Drinking water is vital for our body. Not consuming proper water will cause dehydration and lead to sunstrokes.  It also flushes out toxins from your body thus reviving it inside and out. SO it is important to take a toll on how much water you consume. Plus taking proper water gives your body energy. No wonder I see people gulping gallons at Gym after strenuous workout.

Tip Number Three:-Waterproof Makeup: Since I am a Makeup Artist, I have to add a topic, which talks about my genre ;) Its not necessary to carry your self with makeup but with summer comes lot of outdoor parties and activities, so I just want to educate you all for a perfect summer makeup. I would not go in depth here, just some essentials that you should carry or use. You don’t need 10 to 20 things! Yes just 3 or 4 essentials would be perfect, like Mascara, gel blush, powder foundation and lip balm, that’s all! Make sure all these things are waterproof so that when you are sweating or active it doesn’t smear or wear off.

Tip Number Four:-Clothing: by clothing I mean the material we wear. When you are shopping for summer make sure to read the labels. If it has something else more than cotton simply toss it. I mean it. I learned the hard way and I want to share so that someone else doesn’t have to. I bought this shirt which had 80 percent polyester and 20 percent cotton, later that day I got heat rashes on my neck and torso with the clothing rubbing off my body and sweated like I was sitting in sauna. Every body is different, I generally perspire quicker you may be different. But it's always-good rule of thumb to carry your self with light and breathable clothing in summer. 

With these tips my post has come to an end, but I promise will come back with more tips and tricks in my next post J I'A

I hope you all enjoy your summer to the best! And don’t forget to use SUNSCREEN JUntil you read again, 

Take care  & Good Luck.

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