Monday, June 9, 2014

Beauty Gadget$ Worth $pending Your M0ney

I am never reluctant on spending when it comes to gadgets and even more when it’s a “beauty gadget” that said I cant let my self rob my own budget so somewhere somehow I have to put a full stop.  Ease of a return and exchange policies of store has made our life’s easy and carefree trying out products instead of lurking on them. I advice all my international readers to see their store return & exchange policy when investing in a pricy beauty gadget.

I have had my hits and miss on beauty gadgets and want to narrow it down so that, it is easier for my readers to explore and try out without doing PHD’s on product info. That said lets get started with my number one beauty gadget on this list.


No matter how much I rave about this product its not enough! It’s “the” must have in your skincare system. Trust me, you will be hooked with just one use like me. I have been using this since 4yrs and I don’t have a single complain. Even though the website suggest daily use of this tool, I personally use it once in 2 days.

What is it? It’s an exfoliator, a deep pore cleanser and a lifesaver for your skin. If you want to maintain that glow on your face after you had your facial done this is a tool! It keeps acne at bay, makes your makeup look flawless. I can just go on and on talking about this tool.

Who is it for? People struggling with acne, uneven skin tone, uneven texture, lack of smoothness, wrinkles. Yes!! It works wonders for wrinkles. I tried this on my mom and she is in her late 50’s and her skin looked seriously so much better with just 10 uses. This is a lifesaver especially if you are lazy like me to give time washing your face. You can get done with deep cleansing within a minute! It has build in timer so you don’t even have to do the math. It comes in 2 different options one with the body brush extension and one without. Honestly I have hardly used the body brush, but it comes handy to slough off that rough dry skin on your hands if you pair it with a gritty body polish. I have seen 95 percent people opting for Mia, which is also travel friendly and does the same job! Plus it costs less J

   If you are thinking to invest in this product, then I would suggest you stop thinking and purchase it. Yes it is that good. I know its little pricey for a teeth whitening system but if you suffer with sensitive teeth and if you are a heavy tea and coffee drinker, try this one out! for that stubborn stains on your teeth it works like magic.

How it works? Well it’s little different than the other whitening tools, for now most of them are imitation of this tool, which comes with led light. Lot of people are confused thinking they use UV light to activate the whitening gel which is totally wrong. You can check their website as well as on Sephora, it clearly mentions that they use some sort of led light. 

Anyways, the way you use it is, you apply the vials the set comes with and put on the mouthpiece, which has this light to activate the whitening gel. They suggest using 8 minutes daily for 5 to 7 days but you can skip a session and it will still deliver the same exact results. You can use one vial twice and purchase it separately.

 It prices around 199$ but you can wait for coupons and specials to save some of your money. Usually Sephora have their 20% friends & family end of the year also QVC has great flex pay option, which will give some liberty to your wallet :) 

If that is still too expensive or you are still hesitant of investing that much you can try this GLO SOLO 
which is significantly cheaper pricing only at 45$ and works the same as the Glo Set.

You can click here to see more about it SEPHORA 


So I thought since I am so in love with clarisonic face tool, why not try this one out. Since am a gadget finatic I had to give it a try just so I can sleep better at night since the thought of not trying would have put me in a sleepless night situation J

How it works?  & Who is for?  I would say unlike Clarisonic Mia its not a must have, but it is does what it claims. I don’t really have wrinkles like, crows feet and fine lines etc. too young for that ;) but since I just hit my age where I should start my anti aging regimen I decided to give it a try. Its decent and works well, like it says it delivers your eye cream deep into your skin so that you can benefit from it factors of anti aging. I tried on my self and my mom and again I kept it because I thought it was working and it’s an investment. It charges the same way your Clarisonic Mia does but it’s not waterproof. It price ranges from 185$-165$ depending on which store you prefer to purchase.


 Recently my sister in law introduced me to this amazing tool. Which I was lurking to buy off Sephora for 120$. But thanks to my sweet S.I.L she saved my money by introducing me to this generic brand 200 percent comparable to Dr.Dennis Gross Steamer . Bought it off eBay for fraction of cost!  Am so happy with it. 
I did tried her's first since it was easy avail to me, just to get an idea of how it was, and yes! I really liked it a lot!

How it works? What it does? It’s a table top steamer which means its really portable. And it is comparable to spa like facial steamers. It heats up water in a container and generates steam which comes out of small chute and feels just like you are having a professional facial. Good to have for that in between clean up between facials, or if you are like me, too lazy to even schedule one. I usually try to work out things at home because of my hectic schedule with kids, home and work.

Sometimes I don't even get time to have that twice a year facial so this is a life saver for me, or any busy women out there. Mostly people think steaming face enlarges pore and break the capillaries. Which is true if you don't know how to use it. Don't put the steamer too close to your face or have prolonged exposure to certain area of face. Keep it at a distance where you just feel the face is wrapped in a gentle mist of warm water vapors. Thats how you should steam your face.

I hope all this information was  very helpful to you. I will be happy if you share this post with your friends & family. I put lot of effort to gather the information and put it in words to deliver you the best,  and hope you feel my effort <3

Until you read again. 

Take Care & Good Luck :)

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