Monday, May 5, 2014

JOHN FRIEDA Sheer Blonde Review

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I had an amazing and somewhat not so amazing weekend. It was amazing because I went to the Make Up Show in NYC, did so much networking & business related talk/work. Not so amazing because my mom and dad went back to home country after spending such a lovely time with us, already missing them loads!



Back to my title of the post, I have recently highlighted my hair with caramel blonde shade. For some reason my color wasn't looking as bright as it should be. So after much contemplating I came to a conclusion to change my shampoo and conditioner, which to my surprise made a huge difference in how my color is looking. I was using Pantene Color Preserve Shampoo and their regular conditioner, which was nice but it wasn't bringing out the best out of my color. My hair wasn't looking very vibrant but they were somewhat shiny. 

With so many products to choose from in hair and skin care department, sometimes lot of choices are not so happening. You get confused and get mentally exhausted thinking which one will be the best to fit your regimen/routine. I was casually scanning my near by drugstore shelf of shampoos and conditioners and walk past by this John Frieda Shampoo & conditioner. First I was like"ehhh.... then something told me to give it a try, what was it? "ingredients" Yes! as you all know I am so much into organic and natural stuff. When I read the back of shampoo tube it mentioned sunflower and white tea, I was like "I have to give it a try"

I used it once and I instantly fell in love with the products! They do what they "claim" it does really activate your blonde tones and make your highlights so much more vibrant, and my hair was super soft. Despite of how crazy I wash my hair, because I oil massage my hair most of the time before washing so sometimes I feel like I over shampoo just to take off the oil from my hair. I just love this combo for my hair! It makes my hair look and feel so much healthier shinier. Love it!

Give it a try and you will know your self. Trust me my poor hair has been through so much damage in the past and I am always in quest of best products for my hair. I am content with my purchase of these shampoo and conditioner! I give it a 9 out of 10.

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