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MakeUp For Beginners

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 The key to achieve a flawless makeup look is to have a good foundation, not liquid or cream foundation,I meant your Skin/face as a base. 
Lot of us has a troublesome skin with acne, rosacea, hyper pigmentation dry skin and etc. But by taking good care of your face with simple daily skincare regimen and a balanced diet you can achieve a healthy looking skin with some time and patience. 

That said; don't be sad if you don't have a flawless skin. Not every one is gifted with flawless skin. That is what make up is for! If you know how to work it! You are good to go! If not, don't worry we learn everything with time. Makeup is easy but sometimes we don't know how to use it , with that reason it could be daunting to some of us and we just give up on it. 

To my surprise I have met quite a few clients that have no basic knowledge of makeup, and they are frightened to get their makeovers done. It's ok to be skeptical and afraid, but we have to try and try again. I have come across videos and articles, that claim will show you basic makeup routine and they have like 20 products to work with. My dear that is "so not basic"! Basic is only 5 to 10 products to work with. 

Today I will be sharing only 5 easy steps of daily makeup routine, with just 5 products, so that you don't get lazy to try makeup in your daily routine. For rest of you looking in depth party makeup routine, I will be doing that topic soon :)

 This is every day make up for all of you going to work, office school, or just running some errands, folks trying out make up for the first time, but rest of you who are already into makeup this could be a 2 minute routine.

The areas of face we need to work on.

1.     Face::BB cream and face Powder

2.    Cheeks::Blusher or Bronzer

3.    Eyes::Mascara

4.    Lips::Lip stain Lip butter or Lipstick

      Let's begin with face as step one! 


Why BB cream? Because it has coverage, SPF, primer and moisturizer. It does take away need of primer and moisturizer. But with some of you who have extremely dry skin, I would suggest using a normal moisturizer under it, just for added moisture to your skin. 

There are tons of BB cream out there with targeted needs, for acne, hyper pigmentation, dullness and etc. Look for the one that tailors your need. Like for some of you looking to cover your sunspots, hyper pigmentation or uneven skin tone look for heavier coverage. For acne prone skin look for salicylic treatment, for combination skin look for oil free ones.

My way of applying BBcream is with fingers, but some Makeup Artist prefers brush. The best brushes to use with BBcream are Elf Face Brush MAC 109 and BareMinerals Precision Face Brush These are over all my favorite ones, however with BBCreams they tend to work wonders. If you are novice in using brushes, I promise you, the best tools are your fingers. Like how you would normally apply your moisturizer, the key is to blend blend blend.

Guide to BBcreams

Normally I keep face powder as last step in my routine, since this is a basic makeup routine you can use it in the beginning as well as to set your make up towards the end. 

Just like BB creams and Foundations, there are varieties of powders with sheer to full coverage. During summer I only use a full coverage powder on top of my moisturizer as base. That is enough in summer with so much heat. 

Few of my favorite sheer to full coverage foundations. CHANEL Vitalumiere Compact in #40, BAREMINERALS original foundation in Golden Tan, MAC Mineralize SkinFinish Natural in shade Medium Plus,  AVON Smooth Mineral Foundation in shell. 

  Lot of you must be having love or hate relationship with bronzer, that includes me. Trust me! Since I am tan, I always thought bronzer makes me look dull until I learned how to use it. 

During my M-A-C Pro class, I was told to use bronzer on every skin tone Light/Medium/Tan/Olive/Dark. That was the first time I came to know how it instantaneously glamorizes your face!! Yes I said "Glamour" because it just changes the entire look of your face. It's confusing between bronzers and contours. Contours are slightly darker and are meant for sculpting the face where as bronzers add warmth and glow to your face, they have this orange brown,red tones, which gives the face that "sun kissed glow" 

There are lots of ways to use a bronzer. My signature style is just below the blush or two fingers away from apples of your cheek. Take a blush brush and swirl it twice on to the pan of bronzer and tap the excess so that you don't over apply. Now just sweep on your cheeks, starting from your ears/hairline, ending just before your apples of cheek.

If you prefer to use blush you can still use it on top of it. My personal preferences of blushes are peachy pinks and corals. And trust me pinks are really common but peachy pinks and coral add so much more beauty to any ones face.

Mark Bronzer in Pro-Glow, Dolce&Gabbana Glow Bronzing Powder in Dessert
Tarte Mineral Powder Bronzer in Park Avenue Princess

Terracotta Light Sheer Bronzing Powder in Brunettes

Favorite natural peachy pink blushes:

  • Warm soul by Mac
  • Orgasm and super orgasm by Nars 
  • Afterglow by Mark
  • Golden glow by Avon
  • Fearless by Tarte Cosmetics
  • Coralista by Benefit Cosmetics

Favorite Coral blushes:

  • Virgin Isle by Mac
  • Peaches by Mac
  • Tipsy by Tarte
  • Deep throat by Nars (for lighter skin tone)
  • Taj Mahal by Nars (for Medium to darker skin tones)
  • Cocktail Peach by Dior


It's time to beautify the eyes. I totally skipped liner/kohl because this is a basic routine. If you feel like adding kohl or eyeliner to this routine feel free :) 

Mascara opens up the eyes. The key to achieve fuller lashes is, curling your lashes before mascara. Don't panic! Many of you must not be in habit of curling lashes, not to worry! It’s super easy! All you do is clamp the curler close to your lash line give it a 5 to 8 second of squeeze and release. That’s it! After you’re done curling add Mascara. Start really close to your lash line brushing the wand upwards while brushing it wiggle back and forth, do the other eye in the same manner and repeat at least twice for added fullness. 

 Don't apply twice on the same eye at the same time; let the coats dry in between application and repeat. This prevents clumpy messy looking lashes. If you are light to medium use a brown one for the day and if you like darker look go for black one. The brown give more of a natural look to the eyes than black.

 My Most Favorite Mascaras: MAC's Zoom Lash, CHANEL's Le Volume De Chanel, ESTEE LAUDER's Double wear, LOREAL's Voluminous carbon black

  • LIPS

There are tons of choices It's up to you what you prefer. Are you looking for color? or just hint of color, matte or shiny? Again it comes to personal preference. I suggest adding a lip butter or lip stain during the day and if you are ok with more color you can use lipstick. Don't be shy of trying new colors if you are not an everyday lipstick wearer. There's always a new start for everything.

Few of my favorite lip products:


Lipglosses & Lipstains 


M-A-C's Ruby Woo

Now that we are done with face,cheeks,lips and eyes, you can add powder at this step. Just take the powder puff provided with the compact and lightly press against your skin. If you prefer to use brush, use a fluffy one like this one by MAC 138 or ELF Complexion Brush. keep the powder compact with you so that you can touch up any time you want.

Make Up should be fun and inviting! not boring or tasking. I hope you like my tips, suggestions and references. If you think I have done an amazing post, feel free to share it :)

I promise will deliver you the best each time! Insha'Allah, Until you read again. 

take care lots of love <3 

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