Wednesday, March 12, 2014

A Warm Welcome!

Hello My Beautiful People!

I am so delighted for starting this blog! Which was long due. I thought many times but something was stopping me, may be my not so good grammer :) Just kidding.

Let me give a small intro about my self. I love Technology and Beauty, a sly yet exceptional hobbies. Since I was a kid I was very much into gadgets, photography and arts. Photography struck me when I was 8years old and ever since then am hooked on it. My interest with beauty grew as I was transitioning from my teens to twenties. I was making my self more knowledgable with Skincare, Fashion and Makeup. And since I was an artist already, my artistic side bumped with my newest yet my most "favorite hobby" of makeup! and voila!! I became a MakeUp Artist, and now thanks to all my family and friends I am a Pro-Makeup Artist. Not forgetting how good I am with photography.

I am always Thankful to Allah for everything he has blessed me with. A beautiful Family, wonderful Friends and so much more that It makes me emotional in a good way! Alhumdulillah for every thing in my life.

I hope like every time you all will support me through this journey of blogging and making vlogs soon! I'A

I welcome ya'all to my small yet beautiful world of everything. I will be sharing with you:
Tips & Tricks
Product reviews! 
Fashion and Trends
Fitness and Food
Tech specs!! and what not!! 
So until you read again,
Take Care!!

Lots of Love <3

My Favorite videos of all time <3 
Made by Bazbirjis :)

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