Thursday, March 27, 2014

10 Tips and tricks you may or may not know

There is plenty of information similar to this on blogs, websites, books and what not, which provide you information on how to, tips n tricks we naturally don't get to read all or get to know every tip and trick.

All the tricks I am sharing are composed from my reading several books and some of them are my own trial and error experience. I love to share because, sharing is caring. I will be frequently doing posts like these for you all :)
I hope you enjoy reading them! as much as I enjoyed putting them together. So here they are.

"Beauty might bring happiness, But happiness always brings beauty" 

 SPOON TRICK:    You may know the “Famous” business card trick to apply mascara, but have you heard of using a spoon? Yes! You can use the curved side of spoon, rest it on your eyelid and apply mascara, which simultaneously curls your lashes too.

 TOOTHBRUSH TRICK:   I am sure you never heard of this or did you? Have a clean toothbrush in spare, for what? It helps you exfoliate your lips and also De-Clumps your mascara. Just brush your lashes if they look clumpy and your lashes will be pretty again.

 ICE TIP:   Ran out of primer? No problems just massage your face with ice cube few minutes before your makeup application and follow with your routine. This will allow your foundation to stick through out the day.

 MASCARA TIP:   Apply mascara to your lower lashes; this will make your eyes appear bigger. 

 LARGER EYES:   Want to instantly make your eyes appear big? Yes you can do that. How? Simply wear a lens larger than your iris/pupil  and it will instantly make your eyes appear big. Normally 16mm diameter lenses make most eyes appear big.

 EYEBROW TIP:  Don't have a separate eyebrow filler or pencil to shape brows? Not to worry, if you have dark brown matte eye shadow that can be used as eyebrow filler. Use it with brush or if you don't even have a brush use a disposable mascara wand and wet the tip of it then pick up the product and apply it on your brows.

 COLD WATER TRICK:     Don't have a makeup setting spray? just fill a spritzer bottler with some ice and water or refrigerate the bottle, then spritz your face once or twice. That will set your make up, and don't worry your makeup won't smudge or move. But the water has to be really cold!



 FOUNDATION TIP:    If you have oily skin, always use an astringent before applying your moisturizer, which will take care of excess oil. Your skin will be less oily and you will have fewer touch ups to do. For dryer skin, just use a regular toner and moisturizer. Then follow up with your make up routine.

 LIPSTICK TRICK:   Mix different color lipsticks on the back of your hand or on a small flat surface like a container top, and Voila you have a new lipstick shade.

 UNDER EYE CONCEALER TIP:    Always use an under eye cream if you use concealer in that area, nothing ages anyone more than prominent under eye wrinkles! And HEY who wants to look old any ways :)



Ok wonderful peeps, this was it for  now, will bring you more  interesting TIPS & TRICKS next time Insha Allah. Until then

Happy reading and take care.



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